West Virginia Genealogy

My genealogy research starts in West Virginia since both of my parents were born and raised there. In addition to my parents, a few more generations back from me also involve this area of the country. I’m accumulating a lot of detailed information about it. Libraries and other places to look only carry each of us so far in our hunt for family connections, so I share what I find here in case someone else can use it. Explore the resources on this page and throughout my website:


  • Free files to explore and download
  • A blog category devoted to West Virginia Genealogy and further sorted into cities, counties, old coal mining towns and communities.
  • A robust group of fellow researchers on Facebook in my West Virginia Genealogy Group. Over 4,000 members!

Hans Ulrich Rider (Honzura Rider) b. 1888 d. 1981

Honzura Rider was born April 7, 1888.  His birth record has him named Hans Ulrich Rider.  Somehow this became Honzura but there isn't much record to explain when he started using Honzura.  I've just assumed it was a breakdown of pronunciation of Hans Ulrich since he...

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Dr. Zachariah Willis Kemp, Family Photo Album

After a long time away from my blog, my genealogy projects and my other hobbies I finally had the opportunity to work them back into my routine.  I decided to do a little exploring at some area shops and spend some time with two of my favorite people, my daughter...

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Meet my staff

My efforts here are largely an outlet for my own busy imagination.  My husband Mark chips in for some parts of it and my children lend a hand here and there but mostly it's just me and a houseful of pets who hang around to provide inspiration. Meet Sophie, Lucky, Mick...

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Shabby Chic Decor Style Guide

I found a really nice shabby chic decor style guide today.  Great photography that is sure to inspire your imagination in creating the shabby chic look for one or all of your rooms. I'm into genealogy so I really like examples of how to incorporate old family photos...

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West Virginia Genealogy Group

Join the discussion in my West Virginia Genealogy Group on Facebook. Over 4,000 members! Be sure to check out the files there too, members of the group are posting their photos, documents and information for the community to see. Just visit the group and request to join. Approval usually takes place with 24 – 36 hours.