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I found these beautiful historic ship replicas to add to the general mercantile here at White Oak Attic. I think they are a perfect fit to our objective of home decor aimed at telling a family story because our genealogy trail often leads to a moment in history that can be associated with one of these vessels. Our personal tie might be direct, as a descendant of a crew member or a more broad one. Here are some examples:

USS Constitution

According to Wikipedia, “the USS Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy, named by President George Washington after the Constitution of the United States of America. She is the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat”.  Since this ship is associated with numerous historic battles in the formative years of America, there are a lot of avenues to use it as an icon of someone’s family tree.  It could be ties to the battles themselves or it could be the outcomes of those battles, a geographic location or outcome from them.  Some of us might be related to the many crew members its had over the centuries it’s been in use. Explore the vast history of this vessel and you’ll see there are many ways it could line up with your own family tree.   The U.S.S. Constitution is alive and well, and has it’s own webpage on the U.S. Navy’s website. Explore the Navy site for numerous links to more information.

The Mayflower

The Mayflower replica provides a great opportunity to decorate with something that helps you tell a family story.  Even if you cannot document your family lines directly to someone who came over on the Mayflower, it works with the Thanksgiving story and all the interesting tales that stem from it.  Research to see if one of your family lines might be associated with the Mayflower. If you are a descendant, you can become a member of the Mayflower Society!

USS Monitor

For the Civil War buffs, the USS Monitor is a great fit. It was an iron-hulled steamship, built during the American Civil War in 1862, and the first ironclad warship commissioned by the Union Navy. It sang not long after it was built on December 31, 1862. There were 46 survivors of the 62 people on board when it went down. Are you a descendant of one of the USS Monitor’s crew?

Two among the crew who died in 1862 made the news over 150 years later when they were buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Beyond being a direct relative to a crew member, its a great way to start a general conversation about the Civil War. If you’re a history buff then you’ll appreciate having something around that can help get the conversation pointed in this direction of history by having something like this on display.

Noah’s Ark

If your a huge genealogy buff and can’t find any other way to get everyone talking about your exciting family history discoveries you can always turn to using a Noah’s Ark replica on your bookshelves or a side table. The Bible is big on presenting genealogies and this ship is a well known one. You can open two doors at one time, discussion around genealogy in general and an avenue to share the Gospel.

The Niña

Going even further back, all the way to 1492, is the favorite ship of Christopher Columbus, The Niña. There are many stories that go along with Christopher Columbus of course and the ships he sailed to finish his famous voyage. To see the ways it might be relevant to your history, you’ll need to do some reading. You can start with exploring at The Columbus Foundation and then move out from there.

Explore the ship replicas we have here and see if they inspire you to learn more about history and your family’s place in it!


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